Michael Fork Testimonial

I would like to share a incident I recently had with our 2009 SB2500D Shuttle Buggy. On the 19th of January 2021 at 9:00 am I received a call from the field that our shuttle buggy was down. I went to the unit and found that the C 1 convey tail shaft had broken. 

I immediately called Jose Antiga and told him I was in a bad situation with the buggy and needed his help. Within one hour he had all the parts I needed coming to me from Chattanooga on a hot shot truck also about the same time I received a call. From Paul Molina who introduced himself to me as the service manager and that Jose had filled him in on my problem and confirmed all the required parts were in route and that the mechanic would be at my shop the next morning.

The following morning at 6:00am the parts were sitting at my shop which I’m still absolutely amazed that really happened is such a short timeline.

And the mechanic Arturo Acevedo was here at 8:30 and ready to work with the remainder of small parts that they had in stock from Orlando.

With the assistance of one of our field mechanics together they were able to swap out the shaft and had the unit finished by the end of the day.

Arturo also took the time to go over the machine with our mechanics and inspected the rest of the chains and gave them tips on how to perform certain adjustments when needed.

Here is what I didn’t know at the time. When I first called Jose he was on his way home on vacation and stopped on the side of the road and placed the calls and ordered the parts. He didn’t give me the I’m on vacation speech. Or the I’m on the road let me call you back when I get a chance.

Your service manager Paul is the most positive manager I have worked with in years he is extremely polite and has an excellent attitude.

And you billing was done in a timely manner and didn’t have to have several phone calls to correct billing mistakes.

And finally, Mr. Acevedo your mechanic was very courteous and really knows his equipment. He worked extremely well with my mechanics and took the time at the end of the job to teach them things they didn’t or how to do service repairs in a better way. He like the rest of your mechanics that have come to my shop and performed repairs for us have always been first class.

And on behalf of myself and J W Cheatham LLC. You have a great team and our serving us well.

Thank You

Michael Fork
P.D.E. Manage
J W Cheatham LLC.